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Research Monographs

These research monographs are the result of a research undertaken between 1996-2000 at Centre for European Universities and Institutions as an ESP Grantee, supported by Chulalongkorn University European Studies Programme (CUESP) and the European Commission. Interested people can ask for more information about these monographs at CES, or e-mail to CES Research Division:


  1. “…a whole century of peace ahead…” Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Bangkok, March 1 and 2, 1996 (1996/1)


  1. Burma’s Membership in ASEAN and its Impacts on the EU-ASEAN Relations (1998/2; Songsamorn Kanchanabut)
  2. Biotechnology: The European Resistance, Patent Protection and Implications for Thailand (1999/10; Atiya Achakulwisut)


  1. Creation of Sovereignty and the Warning of Influence: South-East Asian-European after formal Decolonisation (1999/26; Marc Frey)
  2. Conflict Control and Crisis Management between China and South-East Asia: An Analysis of the Workshops on Managing Potential Conflicts in South China Seal (1999/2; Liselotte Odgaard)
  3. Contemporarising Asian Studies in Europe and European Studies in Asia (1998/1; Suthipand Chirathivat)
  4. The Comparative Approach to Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in Outer Space of the EU and Thailand (1998/14; Chukeat Noichim)
  5. Community-Building in the Greater Mekong Subregion: The Evaluation of Regional Co-operation Schemes in the Post-Cold War: South-East Asia (1999/24; Janne Jokinen)
  6. Computer Crime Law in European Union (1999/28; Gristsana Changgom)
  7. Could the independence ECB help bring EMU to success? (1999/17; Apitha Wonlopsiri)
  8. Chinese and Japanese Perceptions on the Relations with the European Union (1997/3; Pipada Youngcharoen)
  9. EU Telecommunications Law under GATS (1997/5; Sumalee Wongwitit)
  10. The Challenge of the EU Enlargement: An Inclusion of Central and Eastern Nations (1998/3; Nipa Nirannoot)
  11. The Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union since The Maastricht Treat (1998/4; Bunpot Gumnertsiri)
  12. Competitive Law (Thai-German resp. Asian-European Problem)(1999/19; Peter Gilles)
  13. Colonialism in the 1990s: The Use of History in Dutch-Indonesia Relations (1998/13; Stefan Eklof)


  1. Differences between the EU and ASEAN on Human Rights in Mynmar (1999/30; Pafun Nilsawas)
  2. Data Protection Law: A Legal Foundation of a new European Society (1999/29; Bongkosh Leepuengtham)


  1. The European Union’s Assistance to the Visegrad Countries (1995/1; Prathoomporn Vajarasthira)
  2. European FDI and ODA towards ASEAN Countries (1999/8; Jean-Pascal Bassino)
  3. The European Union’s Generalised System of Preferences: A Legal Analysis in Connection with Certain Thai Exports to the European Union (1999/3; Paniti Junhasavasdikul)
  4. European Monetary Union (EMU) and the Euro: Policy Implications on Asian Economies (1999/32; Phongthorn Wrasai)
  5. EU-ASEAN Cooperation: Towards the Second ASEAM Summit (1998/11; Kasama Mahawat)
  6. EU Trade Policies and the World Organisation: Are European Regional Integration  And Globalisation Compatible (1999/; Ajaree Tavornmas)
  7. ECB: The Central Bank of the Region (1999/27; Ron Sirivanasandha)
  8. European Union External Competance and External Relations in Air Transport (1999/8; Chonnakarn Akrapreedee)
  9. The Effectiveness of Economic Instruments as a Management: Comparatives Study of The Experiences of EU Countries and Thailand (1999/21; Orapan Srisawalak)
  10. European versus Asian Transnationals in South-East Asia: Different Styles of Foreign Investment? (1999/7; J. Thomas Linblad)
  11. The EU’s Commom Foreign and Security Policy (1998/1; Natapanu Nopakun)
  12. Eastward Enlargement of the European Union: Impact on the European Order (1998/5; Chatnopdol Aksornsawad)
  13. The EU-ASEAN Relationship (1972-1996) (1997/2; Piyanart Bunnang)
  14. EU Eastward Enlargement and the Impact on Thailand Exports and Imports Performance (1998/10; Antika Preeyanon)
  15. EU Telecommunications Law under GATS (1997/6; Sumalee Wongwitit)
  16. Economic Impacts of the European Directive on The Legal Protection of Biotechnological Inventions (1998/8; Nualnoi Treerat)


  1. Fixed Exchange Rate Regimes, Moral Hazard and Excessive Investment: An Alternative Explanation of the Asian Crisis (1998/9; Marcel Fratzscher)


  1. The Growth of the European Union’s Roles in World Affairs: A Historical Perspective (1998/6; Somjai Phirotthrarach)


  1. The Harmonizing of Environment Policy in EU: Any Lesson for ASEAN? (1999/11; Sakda Thanicul)


  1. Intellectual Property Rights in Thailand: Another Perspective (1999/23; Paloma Marin Bona)
  2. Implications of the Changeover to the Single European Currency, the EURO (1999/1; Somjin Kitiyamaongkol)
  3. The Impact of the Asian Crisis on Regional Cooperation in South-East Asia (1999/20; Bernadetta Trivellato)
  4. Is it possible for Asian countries to copy the European Monetary Union Model? (1999/12; Jeerawat Na Thalang)
  5. The Impacts of the European Union in the World Politics: Cooperation and Integration Trends (1997/4; Manit Nuallaor)


  1. The Legal Framework for Solid Waste Management in the Countries of the European Union and Implications for Thailand (1997/1; Eathipol Srisawalak)


  1. Narcotics Control in the European Union (1999/31; Vasa Srivarathonbul)


  1. Opportunities to Closer Economic Links between EU-ASEAN in the Light of the Significance of the Asian Crisis (1999/16; Niran Nirannoot)


  1. The Promotion of Renewable Sources Energy in Thailand and Indonesia (1999/22; Joelle Noirfalissa)
  2. Policy Matters: Lessons on the Effects of Financial Turmoil (1998/12; Christian Fehlker)


  1. Reinforcing the Learning Behaviour of Small Innovative Firms of the ASEAN Region: New Approach to Regional Integration (1999/6: Dimitrios Konstadakopulos)
  2. Regional Information Infrastructure in Europe and South-East Asia (1998/15; Cesar de Prado Yepes)
  3. The Role of Nationalism in European Integration (1998/7; Chaovalee Chongprasert)


  1. Sinews of Interconnectivity: Tourism and Environment in the Greater Mekong Subregion (1999/25; Michael J.G. Parnwell)
  2. A Struggle Towards the New Partnership: Asia-Europe Relations in the 21st Century (1999/13; Peeraphon Nonthasoot)



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