Interdisciplinary Department of

European Studies
Graduate School, Chulalongkorn University

Founded in 1997, the Interdisciplinary Department of European Studies, Chulalongkorn University is one of the pioneers to offer Master of Arts in European Studies. MA in European Studies is full-time, one year degree programme Which is taught in English; designed for international graduates with an interest in the emerging

links and relationship between European and Asean countries. The programme is among the first advanced study programmes in Thailand and Sout-East Asia focusing on the European Union and European Intergration. In fact, it is a nationally and internationally recognised MA degree.

The programme is constructed as a multidisiplinary programme with courses offered from four different academic disciplines: history, economics, law and political science.

The programme is structured on a three-term basis per one year with a spectrum of core, specialised and advanced courses. The first term runs from the first week of June to the end of September. The second term runs from the last week of September to the end of January. The last term runs from February to May with the graduation ceremony scheduled annually in July.

The Master of Arts in European Studies offers two degree options:

Thesis Programme
By choosing this option, students are required to obtain at least 36 credits by completing four core courses, three specialised courses and the Current Topics of the EU course. Afterwards, MA candidates must complete one twelve-credit thesis. The research topic of the thesis must reflect the student’ s specialisation in one of the four disciplines. The thesis is supervised by academics from Chulalongkorn University and may be co-supervised by academics from European universities.

Non-thesis Programme
Students are required to obtain at least 36 credits by completing four core courses, five selected specialised course and three advanced courses which are Current Topics of the EU, Individual Study and Seminar on Individual Research. The research topic of the advanced courses must reflect the student’ s specialisation in one of the four disciplines. MA candidates must also pass a comprehensive examination conducted at the end of the last term.

Core Courses
– Contemporary History of Europe
– The European Union as a Legal and Political System
– Economics of European Integration
– The External Relations of the European Union
– Current Topics of the European Union

Specialised Courses
– Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU: New International Actor
– Decision Making in the EU: Lobbying Intergovernmental Bargain
– National Political Systems of the EU Countries
– Economic Relations of the EU with Asia and ASEAN
– The EU Firms in the National and International Economy
– European Internal Market Law
– International Economic Law
– EU Competition Law
– Intellectual Property Law in the European Union and Abroad
– Social and Economic History of Europe

Academic Staff
The teaching in the MA programme is a combination of lectures, role-plays, seminars and research carried out by teaching members from European and Asian institutions. More than eighty percent of the lectures in the programme are given by European visiting professors from distinguished European universities and research institutions; each has specific knowledge and expertise in their discipline.

Application forms should be accompanied by:
1. Official transcript (in English) from the University previously attended. (plus 2 copies)
2. Two letters of recommendations (in English) from unrelated persons who are able to evaluate the applicant’ s performance.
3. An English language test (TOEFL, IELTS, CU-TEP) A preferable score is of 550 in TOEFL, 5.5 in IELTS, or CU-TEP 550.
4. 2 Pages (A4) Essay, describing applicant’ s present activities, research interests and future career plans.
5. Two photographs (1”)
6. Two copies of the official home registration and ID card (for Thai students) or passport (for international students.)
7. A cashier’s cheque of Baht 650 for the application fee made payable to the order of ‘Graduate School (European Studies)’

Closing Date:
The Admission Committee is open for application from November onwards. Please contact the MAEUS Office for the closing date of each year.

The Admission Committee will review all applications and hold interviews in order to make decisions on the basis of academic and professional merits, submitted essays and performance during the interview.

Tuition Fees:
– Thai Students (per term) 120,000 baht (from academic year 2007 onwards)
– Foreign Students (per term) 177,000 baht (from academic year 2007 onwards)
Books and class materials are excluded from tuition fees.

Financial Supports:
Each year a grant may be given to a student who is selected to be a Teacher Assistant of the Department.

Student Service and Facilities:
Chulalongkorn University Book Store
Centre for Academic Resources

Chulalongkorn University Sports Centre
Chulalongkorn Hospital

For more information, please contact

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