Asia-Europe on the Eve ofthe 21st Century
(Conference Proceedings)



Suthiphand Chirativat, Franz Knipping, Paul Henrik Lassen and Chia Siow Yue

Year: 2001


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1. Asia-Europe Relations in the 20th Century
Ian Nish

2. Cultural Partnership between Asia and Europe
Dietmar Rothermund

3. Europe’s Heritage in Asia
Wanf Gungwu

4. Colonial Knowledge and the Shaping of Europe-Asia Relations: A Critical Evaluation
A.B. Shamsul

5. The Eu as an Inter-Regional Actor: The Asia-Europe Meeting
Jurgen Ruland

6. The ASEAN-EU Relations: An Emerging Pillar of the New International Order?
Jorn Dosch

7. Security Issues in ASEAN : Prospects of Cooperation with the EU
Panitan Wattanayagorn

8. The Euro-Atlantic Security Setting: NATO as Peace Angel or World Policeman
Karl-Heinz Kamp

9. The Face Value of ASEAN-EU Economic Cooperation after the Crisis: Is Cooperation Irrelevane, Impotent or Ineffective?
Rolf J. Langhammer

10. Linkages between Local SMEs and Foreign Firms in the Economies Affected by the Asian Financial Crisis
Philippe Regner

11. The Role of the Euro in the International Financial Markets
Carlo Secchi

12. Currency Composition of External Debt in East Asia Economics
Tsutomu Watanabe

13. The European Monetary Union and the Growing Danger of European Protectionism
James Forder

14. EC Competition Law and World Trade
Laurence Odot

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