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Centre for European Studies
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Past Events

As Centre for Europan Studies (CES) aims to be the centre of excellence in Thailand and South-East Asia, we, hence, organised numerous seminars and events lectured by honourable guests for instance ambassadors or speakers who are an expert in related fields. The lectures and seminars present various kinds of areas for example economics, politics and international security.

Special Lecture Series, lectured by many honourable ambassadors, has been continually organised for 4 years. These series has comprised of four sessions each year with reference to the relevant European affairs and current events.

Talk Fora
are held 6 times a year in order to ignite the idea of researchers to conduct a fine research. Interested researchers who have an idea or interests of doing a research on the topics presented by Talk Fora as well as ones who wish to  create the topics of their own can benefit from the Research Funding Programme of CES in order to support the research or related dissertation.

Academic Lectures
, aim at educating interested people by presenting some very useful topics 2 times a year.

Interested people or organisations can ask for more information by kindly sending us your questions or comments to or call us at +662-218-3922-3.

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